• “Ozark Materials provides our company with THE BEST customer service in the industry”

    - Local Government Agency
  • “We have less downtime and more time striping simply by running Ozark Materials’ products. Their products run cleaner and cause us less problems than the other materials we have used in the past”

    - Striping Contractor
  • “The Ozark Materials product is without a doubt THE BEST traffic paint I have used in my 27 years of striping”

    - Striping Contractor
  • “Their people are dedicated and make it easy to do business with Ozark Materials”

    - Striping Contractor

About Us


Ozark Materials, LLC is a pavement marking material manufacturer that produces products for all types of roadway applications. Based in Greenville, AL, its management team has more than 150 years of collective industry experience in the production, formulation and design, sales and marketing, and installation of pavement markings. Ozark Materials produced its first Thermoplastic product in 2012. Shortly after, Ozark Materials’ Waterborne Traffic Paint and then Preformed Thermoplastic came to market in 2013 and 2014, respectively.


Ozark Materials’ products are sold nationwide, and can be seen anywhere traffic delineation is used. Its primary clientele includes state DOT, civil and highway contractors, cities, counties, universities, and airports.



Ozark Materials, LLC is a traffic paint manufacturer dedicated to providing the highest quality pavement markings for our industry. We strive for best in class customer service provided by our dedicated and highly trained personnel with decades of experience. Teamwork, commitment and a safe work environment are the foundation to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship between our company and our customers, vendors, employees, and community.

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Lee Gross – Principal

Jeff Webb – Executive Vice President

Mike Dean – Vice President of Operations

Derron Henderson – Vice President of Product Technology

Bob Hanson -  Vice President of Sales