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Preformed Thermoplastic

Preformed Thermoplastic, Ozark Materials

Ozark Materials, LLC manufactures and supplies pre-cut lines, legends, and symbols as a system primarily for roadway delineation and marking areas directed at pedestrian and bike lane usage. The material can be manufactured to provide increased skid resistance over standard thermoplastic. It is a highly durable, polymer-based marking which provides retroreflectivity throughout the life of the marking. The preformed thermoplastic marking is heat-applied to both asphalt and concrete surfaces.



Ozark Materials, LLC’s preformed thermoplastic markings conform to standards required by the current edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways as issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. Preformed thermoplastic markings are available in white, yellow and other colors meeting MUTCD specifications. Other specifications are available upon request.



Preformed thermoplastic markings are fusible to both asphalt and portland cement concrete with, or without, the use of preheating of the pavement surface, and is open to traffic within 15 minutes of application. See application instructions for more information.



The supplied markings are designed to be very flexible to maintain integrity of the product in transit delivery and handling during installation.



The material will conform to contours, faults, and breaks of the pavement surface.


Shelf Life

Two years from date of manufacture, when stored properly.