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Thermoplastic Pavement Markings

Thermoplastic Pavement Markings, Ozark Materials

Ozark Materials’ hydrocarbon and alkyd-based thermoplastic pavement markings are premium, blended granular materials with long service life, excellent adhesion, and superior color and retroreflectivity retention. The alkyd-based materials provide an array of application and final film properties that make it ideal for city markings, as well as legends or long-line applications. Based on the customer and/or governmental agency requirements, the markings can be designed for varying levels of initial and retained performance properties.



Ozark Materials’ thermoplastic products are packaged in 50 lb. ready-melt bags, uniformly palletized 2,000 lbs. of product plus packaging (pallet cap and stretch-wrapped).


Product Usage

Ozark Materials’ thermoplastic pavement markings are designed to be stable for 4+ hours at application temperatures of 400° F to 425° F. The surface must be clean, dry, and 50° F and rising to insure a successful material bond with the substrate. Ozark Materials requires use of sealer/primer on all concrete and older oxidized asphalt surfaces.


Product Storage & Shelf Life

Ozark Materials’ thermoplastic products should always be kept dry, and indoor if possible. While outdoor storage is acceptable, some application properties may be affected. The shelf life of the material should not exceed 12 months from the date of manufacture.



• AASHTO T 250

• AASHTO M 249

• ASTM D 36

• ASTM D 6628

• ASTM E 1349

• ASTM E 313

Adapted for various state, city & county specifications


Application Thickness

40 to 120 mils

120+ mils for rumble bars

120+ mils for profiled markings


Application Methods

• Spray

• Ribbon extrude

• Screed extrude

• Profile