Waterborne Traffic Paint Technical Data

Waterborne Traffic Paint Technical Data


The Durable Advantage

Ozark Materials' waterborne traffic paint is environmentally friendly, durable and formulated for use in a wide-range of applications. For streets and highways, rural roads, parking lots, and airfields, Ozark Materials' waterborne paint can be applied from temperatures as low as 35° F to as high as 120° F. The waterborne paint is suitable for applications on both bituminous and concrete roadways, can be sprayed with either airless or conventional spray equipment, and is available in all specifications and colors. 



• Superior durability  • Fast drying
• Excellent adhesion • No thinning for application
• Environmentally friendly  • Remains flexible over time
• Applied with airless spray equipment  


Traffic Paint Series


  • Meets Federal Std. 141D and American Standards
  • Meets or exceeds FS TTP-1952F (Type I, II, III, IV)


  • 1000 sq ft/gallon at 15 mil wet film
  • 300 LF of 4" line/gallon at 15 mil wet film

Packaging Options

  • 1-gallon can
  • 5-gallon pail
  • 55-gallon drum
  • 275-gallon tote


400 Series Regular Dry

  • Great for parking lots and airfield Marking
  • Low VOC formula with excellent atomization
  • Durable, abrasion-resistant finish dries within 30 minutes

500 Series Fast Dry

  • Proven low VOC waterborne acrylic durability
  • For use under adverse conditions-night striping, high traffic and high humidity
  • Minimizes traffic control when restriping, dries to no track in under 3 minutes at 15 wet mils with glass beads applied at 77° F and humidity above 75%

600 Series High Build

  • Increased durability through greater film thickness (30 mil)
  • Flexible paint film to withstand road expansion and contraction
  • Greater retro-reflectivity with the ability to use larger gradation beads
  • No track (field) in less than 3 minutes at 77° F (25° C) and low humidity

700 Series Cold Weather

  • Designed to cure in temperatures as low as 35° 
  • No track (field) in less than 10 minutes at temperatures 37° F  (3° C) and rising
  • No switching to solvent systems in cold climates, use from early spring through late fall 
  • 15 mils wet application
  • Extends striping season


Surface Preparation

Before applying coatings, the surface should be clean and dry; coating performance is in direct proportion to the quality of the surface preparation. The surface must be free of oil, grease, gasoline and moisture.


  • Do not mix with water - this product comes ready mixed 
  • Do not apply when the temperature is below 50° F, except type IV which can be applied as low as 35° 
  • Do not heat coating in striping system above 140° F
  • Do not apply first coat over fresh asphalt at more than 7 mils wet
  • New asphalt and concrete must be allowed to cure for a minimum of 30 days before application of product
  • Do not leave water, or water mixed with non-subsiding cleaner, for more than 24 hours in spray equipment
  • Use a mixture of glycol solution and water for storing spray equipment longer than 72 hours
  • Surface temperature must be at least 5° F above dew point to prevent condensation
  • Drop on beads (Type I): usually parking lots do not require the use of glass beads, however if they are required, drop-on glass beads are applied at the rate of 3 to 4 pounds per gallon for parking lots and 6 to 8 pounds per gallon for a standard road



To get an even coverage of paint pigment, the paint should be agitated for 5 to 10 minutes. if necessary, strain the paint and remove any skins before mixing. Do not attempt to mix hardened paint films with liquid paint. 

Clean Up 

Immediately clean all equipment after use with fresh water to remove any partially dried material. If paint is dry, a solvent may be necessary, but be careful not to contaminate waterborne paints with solvents. 

Safety Precautions

For industrial use only. Not for residential use. See and read SDS and product labels before use. Safety precautions must be strictly followed during storage, handling and use. 

Shelf Life

Waterborne Paints are best utilized within three months of delivery but remain usable for up to 12 months. 


Let's Get Technical

Property 400 Series 500 Series 600 Series 700 Series
Pigment, % by weight (+/-2%) 61 61 61 58
Total Solids % by weight (+/-2%) 76 77 77 76
Nonvolatile vehicle % by weight (+/-2%) 38 40 40 40
Weight per gallon, lbs (+/-0.3) 14.0 14.0 14.0 13.8
[email protected] 77° F, KU 80-95 80-95 80-95 80-90
Grind (Hegman Gauge) Minimum 3 3 3 3
Contrast Ratio 5 Mil wet, Minimum .95 .95 .95 .95
Directional Reflectance% (White) 15 mil wet, minimum 87 87 87 87
Directional Reflectance% (Yellow) 15 mil wet, minimum 50 50 50 50
Field Dry Time, No track time @ ambient, conditions, minutes 1-3 1-2 1-2 3-10
VOC g/l, maximum 100 100 100 100



Ozark Materials, LLC. warrants to the purchaser that this product shall be manufactured without defects. This limited warranty covers material replacement only. The shelf life shall be two years from the date of manufacture when stored properly. Excluded from coverage is labor, any damage to the application surface or any failure of the coating caused other than by defects in the material.